Easy Ways to Save Energy in the Spring Anyone Can Do

5 Easy Ways to Save Energy in the Spring Anyone Can Do

Spring is finally upon us. With warmer weather and longer days ahead, there are a variety of ways you can take advantage of the nice weather to save energy. Read on for five easy ways to save energy in the spring anyone can do:

  1. Open your windows: Take advantage of spring’s mild temperatures by opening your windows and naturally cooling your home.
  2. Use ceiling fans: Cooling your home with ceiling fans will allow you to raise your thermostat four degrees. This can help lower your electricity bills without sacrificing overall comfort.
  3. Use daylighting techniques: Switch off the lights during the daytime. Instead, open the blinds and let the sun light your home.
  4. Cook outside: On warmer spring days, keep the heat out of your home by using an outdoor grill instead of indoor ovens.
  5. Check and replace your air filters regularly: Doing this will maintain your heating and cooling system so it works at maximum efficiency during the spring.

Another way you could save energy this spring is by switching to 100 percent renewable energy for your home. At Green Choice Energy, we work directly with your existing utility to make it simple to switch to flexible and reliable clean energy. Plus, we’ll plant a tree in your honor for choosing us as your energy supplier. Sign up with Green Choice Energy today!