Terms Of Use - Green Choice Energy Rewards

By participating in Green Choice Energy’s Rewards Program and complying with the Terms of Use, you will receive 50 Reward Dollars for each month of your enrollment with Green Choice Energy.  These Reward Dollars can be used for discounts, deals, rewards and promotions at 85,000 participating restaurants, 330,000 participating stores, and thousands of online shopping locations.

Visit  www.greenchoiceenergyrewards.com for details about the Reward Dollars and for the terms and conditions of the Program. If you have any questions, please contact the Green Choice Energy Rewards Program Customer Support at [email protected].

The Green Choice Energy Rewards Program is a fully online reward program. By activating your account, you will be able to track your Reward Dollars, learn about participating offers and promotions, redeem your benefits, and communicate with Customer Support. Action on your part is required to activate and claim your reward(s). Benefits associated with this reward will accrue/rollover from month to month.

Once you have activated your account and/or reward, you will enjoy unlimited access to the Green Choice Energy Rewards Program website for as long as you wish to access it and comply with these Terms of Use. Your account and/or reward is non-transferable and has no cash value. Green Choice Energy Rewards is not a one-time promotion or inducement to contract/purchase. Where included, Reward Dollars are not rebates, gift cards, or gift certificates, but rather a premium discount and couponing reward program used for various deals and discounts. Benefits are not for re-sale.  The Green Choice Energy Rewards Program is limited to residents of the United States (excluding Iowa) and Canada only and to individuals over the age of eighteen (18).

Green Choice Energy, its subsidiaries and affiliates, and each of its officers, directors, owners, and employees, along with the provider/host/administrator of the Site are not responsible or liable for any benefits, goods or services provided by any participating vendors.

Version 1.1 – September 2021