Terms Of Use - Tree Donation Program

Starting in 2020, for customers enrolling with Green Choice Energy for energy supply service in connection with Green Choice Energy’s Tree Donation Promotion, Green Choice Energy will facilitate the planting of one (1) seedling tree by One Tree Planted, Inc. a verified 501(c)(3) non-profit registered charitable organization, at no cost to the customer.  Customers must remain enrolled and active for one billing cycle for the planting to occur.

Tree species, locations, and planting seasons are chosen by One Tree Planted in its sole discretion depending on region, weather conditions and other circumstances.  One Tree Planted undertakes reforestation projects in United States of America with the objective of securing the best possible outcomes in terms of the impact, the number of trees planted, and the survival rate of the trees, but the survival of any individual tree cannot be guaranteed. One Tree Planted plants trees in areas that have been devastated by fire, drought, and floods among other causes. Benefits to tree planting programs include: increasing wildlife biodiversity; improving air and water quality; improving soil health; providing jobs in local communities; and restoring community well-being.  

While One Tree Planted estimates that the average tree can capture 48 lbs of carbon each year (see https://onetreeplanted.org/blogs/news/more-trees-earth), no certified carbon credits can be claimed by Green Choice Energy or customer in connection with the Green Choice Energy Tree Donation Program.

Version 1.1 – September 2021