The Truth About Clean Energy

The Truth About Clean Energy – Myth vs. Fact

As the world transitions from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, many questions remain unanswered. How expensive is renewable energy? Is it scalable for mass use? Is renewable energy harmful to the environment? Read on to learn the truth about clean energy:

Myth: Renewable energy is too expensive

Fact: In recent years, the costs associated with installing wind and solar energy have plummeted. Today, renewable energy actually presents the most economically sound solution for new capacity in various countries and regions.

Myth: Wind turbines kill birds, which is bad for the environment

Fact: According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, wind turbines are low on the list of threats to birds. Furthermore, wind turbine companies are actively searching for ways to reduce bird mortalities, as wind energy becomes more widespread.

Myth: The switch to renewables is too expensive for mass adoption

Fact: Renewables are now significantly undercutting fossil fuels as the world’s cheapest source of energy, according to the World Economic Forum. It’s not only cheaper; it’s also more efficient. Coal power generation is 35 percent efficient, meaning 65 percent of energy is wasted in production and transport. In comparison, electricity powered by renewable sources is virtually 100 percent efficient at end use and can be produced and managed locally.

Myth: Renewable energy is not scalable for mass use

Fact: Renewable energy is already at work, providing a mass use for countries around the globe. According to the International Energy Agency, “any country can reach high shares of wind [and] solar power cost-effectively.” In addition, Germany, Europe’s largest economy (and home to 80 million people), already gets 25 percent of its energy from renewables. It is aiming to reach 80 percent by the year 2050. According to the American Wind and Energy Association, nine states are getting 12 percent or more of their energy from wind. Iowa and South Dakota both exceed 25 percent.

As fossil fuels continue to contribute significantly to global climate change, clean energy becomes more widespread and more inexpensive every year. Green Choice Energy is a licensed renewable energy supplier serving six states and the District of Columbia. Switch to Green Choice Energy today for better energy and a better earth.