Understanding Fluctuations in Home Energy Usage

Life can be unpredictable at times. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that changes in our habits and daily routines can come unexpectedly. But, just because our habits and daily routines can be unpredictable doesn’t mean our energy bills should be! So, when we see a big increase or a big decrease on our energy bill, what causes it?

There are many reasons for fluctuations in our home energy usage. Read on for three reasons why our energy bills can be unpredictable:

  1. Changing seasons: The most common reason for fluctuations in-home energy usage is due to changing seasons. With warmer or colder weather comes a need for more or less air conditioning and heat. For example, daylight savings adds an hour of daylight, which directly impacts how long lights need to remain on.
  2. Energy vampires: Vampire sources are appliances and electronics that stay plugged in around the clock. Examples of energy vampires include televisions, computers, kitchen appliances and more. This results in energy being drawn even when they are not in use. Though the amount is quite small, over time it can amount to a significant expense.
  3. Working from home: As a part of our new normal, working from home results in the use of more utilities. Using your computer, keeping the lights on and even trying to keep your home office at the perfect temperature throughout the day are all factors that can add up on your energy bill.


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