Understanding Your Electricity Bill

Understanding Your Electricity Bill

Electricity bills can be difficult to understand. Every month, your bill is subject to change. Whether it becomes more expensive, more detailed or more complex, we are here to help you decipher these bills. Read on for frequently asked questions regarding electricity bills:

Why is my electric bill so high?

Electric bills typically increase when you’ve increased your energy consumption. Another explanation could be that you have an appliance that is no longer running efficiently and needs to be replaced. These charges are then reflected on your electric bill.

What is the average cost of electricity?

The average cost of electricity depends on your geographic location. Energy costs vary from state-to-state. For example, the east and west coasts have higher electricity costs than those located in the central part of America.

What is a kWh?

A kilowatt (kW) equals 1,000 watts of power. A kWh is used to describe energy usage; it defines the amount of work performed (or energy used) in one hour of time. This term can be found frequently on your electric bill.

What is a ‘unit’ of electricity?

A unit of electricity is 1 kilowatt hour (1 kWh).

What can I do to reduce my electricity bill?

There are dozens of easy ways to save money on your electricity bill. From turning down your thermostat to getting an HVAC tune-up, there are countless ways to save energy and money. Check out Green Choice Energy on social media @greenchoiceenergy for weekly tips on saving energy and helping the environment!