Upgrading Energy Efficiency in the Garage

The garage is a part of your home that is often overlooked. We spend a great majority of our time trying to find ways to save money and energy in other parts of our homes, but ensuring maximum energy efficiency in the garage is also important. Read on for tips to maximize energy efficiency in your garage:

  1. Place more insulation along the garage ceiling and walls: The garage tends not to have the same level of insulation as the primary residence. This can have a large impact when the living space sits directly above the garage.
  2. Insulate the garage door: You can achieve this by placing weather-stripping across its bottom and along its sides for maximum energy efficiency.
  3. Replace your garage’s lighting: Garages often have outmoded lighting that is not very efficient. Think about replacing incandescent bulbs with LED lights that not only last much longer, but also utilize nearly a third less energy.