Why Switch to Green Choice Energy this Earth Month

Why Switch to Green Choice Energy this Earth Month?

In states that have introduced energy deregulation, consumers have the right to choose where their energy comes from. They can choose from a variety of different plans and products that fit their budget, including energy suppliers that offer 100 percent clean, renewable energy. Choice is always a good thing – but when it comes time to choose, consumers may become overwhelmed by the vast number of options presented to them. So, in a world where there are countless energy suppliers, why should you choose Green Choice Energy?

Green Choice Energy is a 100 percent renewable energy supplier that provides electricity and carbon-neutral natural gas to residents of Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We work with your existing utility to make it easy to switch to and reliable clean energy. Residential and business customers can choose from a variety of plans that fit their budget and energy consumption needs.

We never take our customers for granted. When you sign up with us, you’ll receive $50 in rewards per month just for being a customer! Your rewards dollars can be used to get exclusive deals, discounts and VIP savings in over 500,000 ways, including shopping, dining, entertainment and more. Whether you’d like a free cup of coffee or a discount on one of your favorite hotels, there is something for everyone in our rewards catalog! Also, if someone you recommend signs up with us, you’ll receive an extra $25 in rewards – no limits! Through our partnership with One Tree Planted, we seed the future by planting a tree in honor of every new customer. When you switch to Green Choice Energy, you are making a positive impact on our environment in multiple ways.

At Green Choice Energy, we reward our customers every month not only for sticking with us, but also for being environmentally conscious. By committing to 100 percent renewable energy, together we are working towards a better future, where everybody can enjoy clean water, clean air and a happier planet. We believe that real change happens one person at a time, so make the switch to 100 percent renewable energy and take pride in investing in better energy for a better earth.